Bali – Again

Last month of 2015 was my 7th trip to Bali. The majestic and massive project at Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park amazed me. If the statue’s construction finished, it will be 120 meters high statue. Compared to the 93 meters high Statue of Liberty in Manhattan, it really will be a gigantic one.


Part of Wishnu’s body of Garuda Wishnu statue

Garuda's Head

Garuda’s head of the statue

I went to Pandawa Beach, a new beach apart from other well known beaches of Kuta and Legian. Hopped off the bus, I met a group of locals about to do their ritual ceremony of throwing ashes of their deceased family after cremated in the Ngaben. Ngaben, or Cremation Ceremony, is a funeral ritual performed in Bali to send the deceased to the next life. In my photo below, an elderly thrown a jar of the deceased ash into the sea.

Ceremony Preparation

Ceremony preparation

Throwing Ashes into the Sea

Throwing ashes of his deceased family into the sea.

As the ceremony finished I took a stroll in the beach and met a beautiful Russian girl who posed for me to take her photos. This is not a candid photo. I took this with her consent.


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Last week was my first visit to Singapore. It was raining and gray sky above, yet photos had to be taken as tokens of the visit. Just the Merlion in HDR and other photos were with my family in them.

Merlion Singapore

Singapore 022016

Singapore 022016

 Singapore 022016

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Kuala Lumpur

The first time I went to Kuala Lumpur was to do a training on Information and Communication Technology at Telecom Malaysia. Weekends of my four weeks training, I walked round the city with my father. I slept at his apartment as an alternate from my KL’s Grand Seasons room and we also went to his brother’s place at Negeri Sembilan. He was a lecturer at Akademi Seni Kebangsaan of Kuala Lumpur. Ten years later, I went to Kuala Lumpur with my family. It brought back memories of him.

Please find photos of Kuala Lumpur’s icons and one of Putrajaya’s.

KLCC Petronas Twin Tower

Petronas Twin Tower viewed from KLCC Park

Dataran Merdeka Kuala Lumpur

Dataran Merdeka (Merdeka Square) with a 24 mm lens on a cropped body (I was too lazy to pick my wide angle lens).

Putrajaya Malaysia

Putra mosque with Perdana Putra the Malaysian Prime Minister’s office at the back.


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Mount Bromo in East Java

Mount Bromo

I went to Mount Bromo last November in 2015. It was quite a thrilling experience for me being chauffeured at 2 AM to some 2700 m altitude, high speed on a narrow country road, in an old hardtop Land Cruiser.  The adrenaline rush was paid well as the sun rose revealing the view of Mount Bromo from Mount Pananjakan. Such a feast to my eyes.

According to Wikipedia, Mount Bromo (Indonesian: Gunung Bromo), is an active volcano and part of the Tengger massif, in East Java, Indonesia. At 2,329 metres (7,641 ft) it is not the highest peak of the massif, but is the most well known. The massif area is one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java, Indonesia. The volcano belongs to the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The name of Bromo derived from Javanese pronunciation of Brahma, the Hindu creator god. Sulfur is collected from inside the caldera by workers.

Mount Bromo sits in the middle of a vast plain called the “Sea of Sand” (Javanese: Segara Wedi or Indonesian: Lautan Pasir), a protected nature reserve since 1919. The typical way to visit Mount Bromo is from the nearby mountain village of Cemoro Lawang. From there it is possible to walk to the volcano in about 45 minutes, but it is also possible to take an organised jeep tour, which includes a stop at the viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan (2,770 m or 9,088 ft) (Indonesian: Gunung Penanjakan). The viewpoint on Mount Penanjakan can also be reached on foot in about two hours.

Bromo's "Sea of Sand"

Bromo's "Sea of Sand"

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Jam Gadang in Bukittinggi (Again)

Foggy Morning in Bukittinggi

Jam Gadang in Bukittinggi will always got photographed by tourists and other people that have no time to wander aruond the city in the morning. Like I did several days ago. Yep … this is another post of Jam Gadang in Bukittinggi.

Jam Gadang

Jam Gadang


and its flowers as well …



with its unique parking spot.

Bendi only Parking Spot

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